Monday, March 27, 2006

New Pickies

I know we have already showed some pickies of Rome and Pisa, but here is an update of our actual photos! (the others were just from google!!).

We are getting used to doing self-portraits with four, and strangely enough, we coincidently are in the same positions!

As for the rest of the week... we visited the VUB on saturday (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - or in English, Free Univeristy of Brussels), so Tom could have an orientation for his course beginning in September. The professor was very impressed with how much research Tom had already done on the course itself. Hopefully this is an indication as to how he actually performs...!

Finally it's spring here, so we are also without scarves (for the first time since forever ago) and just down to 3 layers (as opposed to 5). But we do have sun which is a real bonus!

Not much else to say for the time being... maybe Tom will give an update in the near future.


shanelle & pete said...

Hi Ingridu

Glad to hear you're getting warmer! We are having bouts of really warm, sunny weather followed by freezing cold and rain every few days. But that's apparently the norm!

The cherry blossoms are almost out in bloom, so that's the real sign spring has sprung!

Take care and I look forward to reading more from you soon!


Anonymous said...

Great photos guys, good to hear its starting to warm up too :) How great for Tom starting his studies in a few months, good on him.
All is well in melb, heading to Yeppas tomorrow to spend 3 days there for Nana's 80th, Can't wait!
Love & hugs to you both,
Kelly xxx