Monday, March 06, 2006

You lived inside my world so softly, protected only by the kindness of your nature

So after all the action during the week, we were pretty tired. Unfortunately I once promised to go to the theatre with Maarten and his girlfriend. We kind of looked forward to catching up and talking but theatre, not really.

But the play was really good. It was the story of Don Quichot. The funny thing was that the cast existed of normal actors and then actors with the Down syndrome. The actors weren’t there to feel sorry for or to have sympathy. No, they were used as equal persons and some of them actually made the play work. It was amazing to see a show like this. I don’t go often to the theatre (hardly ever) but this was definitely worth watching.

The most wonderful part was not the play but the theatre itself. We went to the Bourla, it is a theatre close to our place. Just try to imagine the big theatres where Mozart and Beethoven played when they still lived off course. It was marvellous. The whole ceiling was decorated with beautiful paintings. The balcony’s were kept intact. And even the chairs were still covered with red silk. The moment we stepped into the hall we felt in Austria in 1553. The funny things is that we had one the cheapest seats. The most expensive seats were in front of the stage downstairs, we had to sit on the first floor in our own box. We felt like kings an queens in those days. We loved it. So all in all it was a perfect night. People who wanna have a look, go to: Then click on locaties (like the word says it, it means locations) We were in the Bourla-theatre.

Saturday we went bowling and had all-you-can-eat. Stuffed ourselves and by ther end of the night, only 7 o’clock we all went home and sat in front of tele because we were all too big on food.

One more thing for the music–lovers under us. I bought the album of Anthony and the Johnsons: I am a bird now as a present for Ingrid (last words were just to emphasise to everybody that I am the nice one in the relationship!). I bought it way too late. The album is wonderful. For those who don’t know: Anthony is actually a transvestite. But the music is really good. So really recommend it.

Okay from now on, it’s counting down. First Barca-Chelsea tomorrow which will be the way my week goes: terrible or in 7th heaven. We got a dinner party on Wednesday and then on Friday: ROME!!! By the way Tim: we have got a really good present for you, hoper you’re gonna like it.

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Tim said...

Tom wrote: "By the way Tim: we have got a really good present for you, hoper you’re gonna like it"

It can only be one thing... a strip show from Tom!