Friday, March 17, 2006

Mama Mia

Ok, now ready for round two! While we only had 2.5 days in Rome, I think we managed to see a lot. We did go to the colosseum - joined a horrible line, only to have a 'tour-recruiter' tell us that we could go straight in if we paid an extra €7 each, so being the impatient Aussies that we were, we thought why not?! We did go straight in, but that wasnt worth the €7 - however, our Italian tour guide was! She talked English in the Italian style (particulary focusing on increasing and decreasing intonation), and emphasised things like 'many people were keeeelled (killed)' and 'there were many liiiiiions' going really low on the last word of every sentence. We werent sure if she was taking the piss, but it was incredibly difficult not to laugh. While tears were coming out of my eyes from holding laughter in, I had a look around the group to see some irish girls also blowing their noses and wiping there eyes, I had a look to Tim and he had a dicky smile on his face while tears were also streaming out of his eyes. I give it to Tash tho - she was the most polite, and discretely told us to grow up, before she turned around and let out a little laughter herself! Considering you pay at least €10 for a good comedy show, €7 was a bargain!

The boys later went to the football (Lazio Vs Regina) - while Tash and I did more exploring. We had to have a Gelati on the Spanish steps (although, little sitting space). The 4 of us also all threw some coins in the Trevi fountain (for the homeless to take out later), and were just generally tourists.

Next vacation - 13 weeks until camping in Portugal.

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