Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I wish you'd stop ignoring me coz you're bringing me to despair

Good morning all - last night was the first of 2 nights of concerts - this one was from Arctic Monkeys. I dont know if they are so huge in Australia yet (perhaps on the Js), but their biggest hit is 'I bet that you look good on the dancefoor'. It was a really cosy concert - a few hundred people, no security, and a very tight set. But the concert isnt really what this blog is about... We arrived around 8pm in the middle of Brussels (not the ideal city to be driving in on the best of days), and by 11pm, a good 10cm of snow had fallen. Despite being incredibly gorgeous over such an ugly city, we were then stuck with the 40km drive home while the snow was still coming down heavily. After giggling about how ridiculous the notion was, we plucked up the courage and headed off with an average speed of 10kph. It was really eery as every street looked like a ski piste - especially the wide-main roads. We got lost, due to all the signs being covered, and everything looked the same - white. Saw around 10-20 accidents on one road (all minor pings - it's hard to do much damage at 10kph) and we had to do a few handbrakies, slid sideways absolutely everywhere, but I give it to tom, despite the stress he pulled through well. We finally made it onto the main road after around an hour, which thankfully was salted, but still kept to 50 all the way home. The funniest thing actually was an ambulance in Brussels, sirens blaring etc, shooting past us at the grand speed of 15kph. A bit surreal!! All in all a good night, but hopefully a bit less slippery for dEUS tonight.

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