Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All I need is a peace of this mind, then I can celebrate

So this weekend we went to Maastricht, which is in Holland. Maastricht is actually attached to Germany and Belgium so they have got kind of a weird dialect. What we did there? Nothing. We arrived on Saturday, had a really good hotel. Kind of classy if not that there was a easter international youth football tournament. So our hotel was invaded by Brits. I said to Ingrid it serves them well. It used to be the Dutch who used to invade every holiday spot in Europe, it nice to see them getting it back.

Anyway the rest of the day we shopped till we dropped. Bought tons of new stuff: which we actually needed after 2 years of no-shopping. Yes people, I have found the perfect non-shopping girlfriend. But we enjoyed ourselves. On Sunday we did...nothing. We spent all day judst walking around in Maastricht and lazing in the hotel bed. After a season filled with soccer it nice NOT to do anything on Sundays.

So now we're back to work and as you can telll, not really working. I promise to tell you something work-wise some other time which is great, you will not believe it but have to be carefull for now. I am again waiting for Barcelona to play. Tonight is semi-final against AC Milan. Am a bit scared though. AC Milan I rate higher than any other team till now. But I am hoping for a Spanish final, we'll see hey. And off course on Sunday my first test: the 10 miles of antwerp. I am hoping for a time of 1 hour 40 min. That's what I am aiming at but didn't have the perfect preparation. I consider this race as a practice for the 20km of Brussels, so I do not need to do that good. I am just telling this myself because I didn't train enough. Did another 10km on Monday and didn't feel bad but I am nervous hwo I am going to do on Sunday. Anyway, will let you know what happened.

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