Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Good Friday

Well, all of you lucky buggers in Aus land didnt need to work today, but here in Belgium (a very Catholic country mind you), Good Friday doesnt mean anything. Doesnt matter that Jesus was pinned to the cross on this day - the most important day here is Monday which makes a little bit of sense I s'pose - sort of a celebration that Jesus rose again. (Forgive me if my Sunday-school tuition is not paying off right now!). Nevertheless, we still only have Monday off, so this weekend, we are hopping on a train (not for the whole journey - I hope to sit for most of it! - Bad joke, I know) to Maastricht (in Holland). We are just veging in a 4 star hotel on the river and shopping. Hoping to spend a minimum for €500 (perhaps each...) on as many clothes as possible! Yippee!!

Have attached a typical photo of Tash and myself... just to show that nothing has changed. While we were trying to pose for a photo, we somehow tripped over ourselves and ended up branding our bums! Klutzes 'til the end!

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