Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rebecca Loos...

Well, by my title, you either know who I am writing about, or you don't...With Australia being a country which totally thrives on tabloid journalism, you will have had to have lived under a rock for the past few years if you hadn't heard this name. The reason I felt compelled to write something about her, is that she has recently popped up again here in Belgium.

Not being so worldly, I didn't actually realise that she was from Holland (I had just assumed she was English, and didn't click that her surname was pronounced the way Dutch people pronounce 'oo'). The reason she has just popped up again, is that she is one of the temptresses on the newest season of Holland/Belgium Temptation Island. Newly double D cupped, and upset that nobody takes her seriously anymore (??!!)she is proving quite the kitten on the island. But, this isn't what I found amusing.

I have also recently discovered (actually, today), that loos translates to 'something not quite right'. For example - a 'loos alarm' is an alarm which is caused when something is not quite right. So the fact that her name is Rebecca 'something not quite right' amuses me just a little! Yes, I am probably 3 years behind everyone who actually speaks Dutch, but I thought I would mention it that I actually understood my first little pun at Dutch humour!

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