Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let's Break the Night with Colour, It's time for me to move ahead

Well good morning all - have had a few days off blogging mostly due to laziness, but we have also been a little busy. Last weekend was the 10 miles of Antwerp (don't ask me why a country which has been metric since the dawn of time has a race for 10 miles - just wanting to be unique if you ask me - typically Antwerp!), and yes ladies and gentlemen, I was a proud supporter! It started on Linkeroever (left-bank) which is the 'other-side' of the river, so we rode our bikes under the river (there are 3 tunnels) to the starting line and Tom prepped himself. 15 minutes before the race started, I quickly raced my bike back over to the Grote Markt (big market place - scenic spot of Antwerp) and found a fantastic table on a terrace to watch the runners go by. Poised with my camera waiting to take a happy snap of my proud runner, I watched all 10,000 of the others jog by until the walkers started and realised that I had missed Tom. Quick note - if you are going to watch people run by (and look at all of their faces) for 45 minutes, be careful. As soon as you look at anything else eg a table, it also starts to move to the right... wierd head-spin! So, then with Toms other supporters, we quickly raced ourselves through the tunnel to the finish line (also on linkeroever) with the camera yet again poised. 2 minutes later there was a tap on my shoulder, and yet again, I had missed him! But it doesnt matter. He had been hoping for a time of 1hr 40mins, but it turned out he did it in less than an hour and a half, (still dont know the official time), so I think that's fantastic!. I did have a moment of laziness while I wolfed down an ice-cream and a glass of wine - but it was only a moment :)

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