Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Christiansen Easter

Well, this is what I am missing here in Europe. It's funny, you dont realise how lovely it is until you see pictures! Alas, winter is almost over, and the sun is definitely shining until well into the night... now for the warmth...!

For those of you who dont know this babe, her name is Emmelena Christiansen, she is 160 centimetres tall, has blue eyes and sandy blonde hair and sports a B-cup. She enjoys long strolls on the beach and romantic dinners and orange fishing rods. Other interests of hers probably include killing her sister after reading this on the internet.

Hope you all enjoyed your easter



Ingrid and Tom said...

Sorry Em, I know it was a fishing reel - just muddled up words here!
hope you (and Zane) like your plug!
love you

Nick said...

Name: Nick Hirst
Age: 25
Occupation: stuff
Likes: Long walks in the park, candelight dinners, fishing with reels, a quiet ale, waking up people in the wee hours.
Dislikes: London, London in winter, London in autumn, London Underground, London air, clubs in London, prices in London, average temperature of London, did I say London?

How did I do?

Ingrid and Tom said...

yeah I think we got a winner with Nick's comment. What do you want first Nick, her phone number or bra size?

Nick said...

Well since the bra size has already been shared, I'll take the phone number thanks Eddie.

this site doubles as internet dating!